Intercom with Central

Intercom network 10 to 500+ stations

C.I.S. is a powerful and flexible communication system with a central unit.

You can have one or thousands of users spread around different locations. Its open, modular design and scalable architecture and can grow with your business and adapt to your long term needs.

Supports 552 IP stations and analog intercom stations according to different models : 36 (E7 model), 102 (E20 model), 138 (E26 model)

  • Global networking and integration
  • IP, SIP and analog station support
  • Extended Software Options
  • SIM card based software configuration and disaster recovery
  • Extended memory supports future expansion and new services
  • High quality professional PA broadcasting and messaging services
  • Security voice guidance for public safety and building security
  • Auto-attendant functionality (Automatic voice supported switchboard)
  • Volume override
  • Fully programmable

Each subscriber line card provides 6 freely programmable Remote Control Outputs.

Two RJ-45 Ethernet terminals on the IP filter board are used for LAN and WAN communication. The serial ports with RS232 and RS422/RS485 interfaces are used for connecting to equipment using these protocols.

6 music program distribution sources can be connected to the APC board via an optional program connection board. The optional program connection board has input for 6 Remote Control inputs which can initiate programmed actions.