INDUSCOM is not another intercom Bus with the limitations usually encountered formerly in this type of equipment. INDUSCOM provides a true innovation, it includes all the main functions essential for a centralised network but without the constraint of the installation of a switchboard, thus avoiding heavy costs.

It was formerly necessary to make a choice: either the desired performances, or the lowest cost. INDUSCOM joins now both advantages!

All the intercom sets are linked by means of 1 to 8 audio pairs and 1 RS 485 – data pair.
Each terminal set has its own address on the common bus..

Each set watches continuously the data pair and updates its internal data base about the lines status. If two sets are busy on one of the pairs, the latter is recognised as busy by all the others. In a complete installation up to 8 conversations can be carried out simultaneously.

The electronic board is designed around a microcontroller with an EEPROM control program. Any updating or modification can thus easily be made on site by loading a new program or new parameters from a P.C.