Safety Public Adress


Flexible solutions, customized excellent audio performance in accordance with all safety standards applicable to audio evacuation systems for industrial buildings and welcoming the public.

The management system is modular in design, with multi-channel audio and switching controlled by microprocessor and DSP. The integrated processor (DSP) allows 24-bit signal processing, resulting in an SNR greater than 107 dB.

Eight slots at the rear of the device receive the different input / output modules and interfaces according to the configuration most suited to the application

This system can be extended into a matrix array from a master module and slave modules for large installations. Small footprint in 2U rack.


Call stations are the entry points of the system. They are connected to the central unit via RS485 BUS and audio. Management of 4 desks per input.

The call keys or the function keys can be freely assigned to a zone or a group of zones, control, adjustment, program, message recording, listening functions, chime control SNCF chart, etc …

A display shows all call, control or monitoring operations.

The console also allows you to manage the recording of messages and control their broadcast.

The microphone fitted with an internal pop filter is mounted on a black gooseneck. The EXT jack allows you to add another stand-up microphone or a hand-held microphone with a priority function. The input can also be set to 0 dB, allowing the connection of another external source.

To prevent unauthorized access, the console can be protected by a 3 or 4-digit password. This protection can be done at two levels: normal user level, prohibiting the use of the operating unit except for alarms, upper level installer, prohibiting access to the configuration functions.


Outputs 8 ohms, 50 V and 100 V.

The amplifiers in this series are of the class D type with high efficiency and have a DC power input for emergency power supply.

  • 8412 4×125 Watts
  • 8225 2×250 Watts
  • 8150 1×500 Watts

And also high power models integrated in a single rack, 2×450 W, 2×600 W, 2 x 900 W.

Safety standards

The digital management matrix is ​​fully self-controlled in accordance with IEC 60849 and EN 54-16 for the regulation of electro-acoustic alert and emergency systems. Furthermore, thanks to its central processor, the management system allows the sending of messages at the same time over several zones and the attenuation of the background music during the duration of the messages.

The call desks, the internal wiring of the system are monitored at all times. Monitoring of the output and control relays is carried out using an RS485 bus.

  • Control and Monitoring of Power Amplifiers
  • Automatic error handling protocol
  • Monitoring and monitoring of loudspeaker lines according to the following parameters: grounding line according to DIN 0800, line break, short-circuit, line impedance. The test cycles are programmable.

As standard, the system monitors the operation of its consoles, internal equipment and amplifiers. The HP lines are tested cyclically to measure the impedance. If the deviation exceeds the limits set in relation to the reference measurement a fault is triggered.

Emergency Amplifier
A standby amplifier can be switched to “hot” to replace any of the service amplifiers and automatically duplicate its setting. Switching is carried out without noise, as soon as the defective amplifier is detected.
Configuration / Settings

Configuration and settings are performed by a software program under Windows.

Configuration changes are possible at any time without needing to modify the initial structure.

It is possible to configure the system online or offline.

The PC is only required to load the configuration or change the system settings. On the other hand, if it is connected, it is possible to know precisely the state of the system, to copy the various protocols on hard disk, and to follow in real time the control and monitoring functions.

By simple parameterization, any action, or sequence of actions, can be carried out on detection of fault: message on display panel, lighting of indicators, outputs contacts, buzzer, etc.

All the settings are accessible by the software: no potentiometers to turn! Above all, there is no risk of accidental misadjustment as with a system with external settings.

Parametric volume settings, 3 and 5 band EQ filters on inputs and outputs.

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